Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oceanic - The Place to Eat!

Where players stay during a tournament is very important for maximum performance and perhaps even more important than the hotel they stay in, having good food that they are happy and comfortable to eat (and better still to enjoy!) is their most critical need.

Having former top players as organisers makes the difference and so the Peerless Hotel in Kolkata, managed by Sarovar Hotels is very good indeed, the rooms and service impeccable.

(Hungry? The Singapore men are among the early birds at breakfast.)

Players, other than when engaged in competition, tend to hang out a lot in public places within the hotel when not resting or preparing for the next round in their rooms, and it is the restaurant where meals are served that is where a huge amount of time in spent (and also very often the place where they have the opportunity to mix with other competitors and even catch up with old friends from other tournaments past).

Oceanic is this restaurant for the participants of the Tata Steel Asian Team Chess Championship 2009, a bright and spacious place with excellent food served in an extensive and varied menu daily, buffet style, and so ensuring everyone is happy!

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